It is worth talk to students about how to protect personal data when they use new technologies

For the seventeenth time, on 28 January we will celebrate in Poland the Data Protection Day, established by the Council of Europe. On this occasion, Jan Nowak, President of the Personal Data Protection Office, prepared an open letter to the participants of the 13th edition of the educational programme “Your Data - Your Concern”.

The President of the Polish SA emphasised that the annual celebration of the Data Protection Day and the cooperation with schools within the framework of the “Your Data – Your Concern” programme are a source of hope and inspiration for him in his daily duties.

The Data Protection Day is a special opportunity to highlight the challenges of the need to protect privacy and personal data in an era of rapid development of new technologies.


- In such a rapidly changing world of new technologies, every day brings new solutions, as well as tools for learning, communicating or playing. Each of these solutions creates opportunities for us to grow. At the same time, technological advances also create risks that we may not recognise. And while there is no shortage of challenges to data protection in a rapidly evolving technological world, we are not defenceless against them. School is a place where these challenges can and should be discussed. Knowledge of the applications of new technologies is essential for safe functioning in the modern world - reminded the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Jan Nowak expressed the hope that the Data Protection Day will be a unique opportunity to undertake a wide variety of activities in schools, as well as to meet and exchange views during organised events.