#DataProtectionLessons: let's talk about privacy

"Let me introduce myself. My new colleague PRIVACY – what is worth keeping to yourself and why?" – this is the topic of the first lesson in a series of nationwide classes for pupils carried out under the motto "#DataProtectionLessons" (original Polish name: #ODOlekcje), which are organised as part of the 13th edition of the “Your Data – Your Concern” programme. The online classes for pupils in grades 4-6 of primary schools took place on 21 November 2022.

– The #DataProtectionLessons project is another educational project of the Personal Data Protection Office aimed at students as part of the 13th edition of the “Your Data - Your Concern” programme. We are launching a series of six meetings to emphasise the value of personal data protection and privacy in everyone's life," explained Anna Dudkowska, Director of the International Cooperation and Education Department.

The timing of the lesson referred to International Children's Rights Day, which falls on 20 November, the anniversary of the adoption of the the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). - It is a joyous day with an important message. We would like to see children's rights respected. Today we want to talk about what privacy means to you, which has a special place in the Convention on the Rights of the Child," said Marta Mikołajczyk, coordinator of the educational programme, addressing the meeting participants.

The first class in the series was conducted by a teacher from Primary School No. 17 with Integrated Classes named in honour of the 21st Brigade of Podhale Riflemen in Rzeszów. During the class, the concept of privacy was discussed, and the importance of respecting privacy in the modern world and why we should care about it was explained. The lesson also provided an opportunity to explain to students what a violation of privacy results in. Several practical exercises were used to consolidate the participants' knowledge. The title and thematic scope of the classes referred to the educational initiative that Rzeszów Primary School No. 17  carried out as a participant in the educational programme.

The #DataProtectionLessons is a new initiative of the Personal Data Protection Office in the "Your Data - Your Concern" programme addressed to primary and secondary schools students participating in the programme. The lessons are conducted by representatives of the Polish SA and leaders of the educational programme. The aim of the undertaking organised by the Office is to disseminate knowledge about privacy and personal data protection among young people.