"Cyber threats – what are Poles afraid of?" – webinar

Where does the biggest threat to personal data come from? How to react in case of a personal data leakage or a hacking attack, and how to react in case of phishing? A webinar organised by the Polish DPA on 12 July 2022 at 10.00 a.m. provided answers to these questions.

The event presented the findings of a study entitled. "Personal data protection in 2022", presented in a two-part report: "Knowledge of personal data security in Poland" and "Cyber threats – what  are Poles afraid of?". The study was carried out by ChronPESEL.pl and Krajowy Rejsestr Długów BIG S.A. under the auspices of the Polish DPA.

The presentation of the study results was followed by a debate with data protection experts. During the discussion, the threats that currently exist in the virtual space and the principles of personal data protection in relation to these threats were presented. The speakers also referred to the presented results of the study available in the report, commented on how the answers of the respondents may affect the everyday life of citizens. There were also references to current challenges in personal data protection in the context of e.g. modern technologies.

About the report

The first part of the report entitled "State of knowledge of personal data security in Poland" contains an analysis of the results of the study, as well as comments and guidance from experts dealing with personal data protection on a daily basis on the conclusions resulting from the check of Poles' knowledge.

The second part of the report "Cyber threats – what are  Poles afraid of?" addresses issues related to online safety. The results of the study provide knowledge about the greatest fears related to the violation of confidentiality of their personal data or their right to privacy.

About the study

With the study “Data Protection in 2022”, it was possible to identify whether Poles are aware of new threats and how they manage to counteract them or minimise the effects of adverse events. This year's study is a continuation of the one carried out in 2021.

In addition, the results of the current study make it possible to assess, how the application of the General Data Protection Regulation to date has changed Poles' awareness of taking care of their personal data (as of 25 May 2018).

The study was carried out by ChronPESEL.pl and the Krajowy Rejsestr Długów BIG S.A. under the auspices of the Polish DPA. It was conducted in March 2022 using the CAWI method on a representative group of 1007 respondents by IMAS International.

After the experience of the coronavirus pandemic, which contributed to the proliferation of many online solutions and thus the increased activity of cyber criminals, we are now faced with more and more new threats. That is why it is important to check whether the previous editions of the reports "Data protection during the pandemic" and "Threats to security and data protection according to Poles" have helped to build the right attitudes among Poles and whether they have changed their existing data protection habits.


Agenda of the webinar "Cyber threats – what the Poles are afraid of?", 12 July 2022

10.00–10.10 Welcome and introduction

  • Adam Sanocki, Polish DPA’s Spokesperson

10.10–10.30 Presentation of the report results

  • Andrzej Kulik, Spokesperson of Krajowy Rejsestr Długów BIG S.A.

10.35–12.00 Debate

Moderator: Ewelina Janczylik-Foryś, Deputy Spokesperson (Polish DPA)

  • Monika Krasińska, Director of the Jurisprudence and Legislation Department, (Polish DPA)
  • Bartłomiej Drozd, expert, ChronPESEL.pl service
  • Dorota Grudzień-Barbachowska, Director of Consumer Policy Department, (Office of Electronic Communications)
  • Wiesław Paluszyński, President of the Polish Information Processing Society, Chairman of the Sectoral Competence Council Telecommunications and Cyber Security

12.00–12.15 Question and answer session

12.20 Closing the meeting