Human beings in post-quantum reality

During the meeting organised by the UODO, topics not only related to post-quantum technology and its impact on human life will be addressed. To understand this technology, it is first necessary to also learn about the general principles of the usage of the quantum computers, their impact on technological progress, as well as the legal aspects associated with them.

Today, Industry 4.0 has high hopes of achieving even better results in its operations, and thus faster growth, through the use of quantum computers and the possibilities that quantum computing entails. These computers have a much greater capacity to transfer information than traditional devices.

Quantum technologies are of key importance in the context of security, including mainly cryptography, and can thus have an impact on cyber security. Already, the use of quantum computing is linked to the data protection objectives of companies and public institutions, including the protection of personal data. Among other things, the speakers will answer the question of whether quantum technology threatens cyber security. In addition, they will provide guidance on how to ensure the security and confidentiality of processed data using quantum technology. The invited guests will also address the opportunities offered by the development of such technology and point out the risks that may undermine privacy and data protection.

The meeting will be held online. Places in the event are limited and admission is determined by the order of joining the event.

The link to the conference will be active on the day of the event.

You are cordially invited to attend the meeting!