The 13th edition of the programme "Your data - Your concern" - we start recruitment on 1st September

The aim of the programme is to disseminate knowledge about personal data protection among students and teachers by broadening the educational offer of schools and teachers vocational training centres with content related to personal data protection and the right to privacy.

The headmaster of a school or the head of a teachers vocational training centres interested in joining the programme expresses his or her willingness to participate by completing and sending an application form (in Polish active as of 1st September).

What will happen in the upcoming edition of the UODO’s programme for schools?

In the new school year 2022/2023, the following are waiting for participants:

  • conferences,
  • trainings for teachers,
  • webinars for students,
  • free thematic materials on data protection and privacy, which teachers will be able to use during lessons or after-school activities.

Participation in the programme is also an opportunity for educational institutions to create support and self-education networks for teachers.

Benefits of participating in the programme

The 'Your data - Your concern' programme provides teachers and students with the opportunity to implement original educational initiatives dedicated to the protection of personal data. The best, and especially the most innovative ones, are awarded by the UODO in competitions.

For years, the UODO has encouraged programme participants to undertake numerous educational initiatives devoted to personal data protection. Many of such initiatives are carried out on the occasion of the Data Protection Day, which falls each year on 28th January. However, during the school year, there are many more opportunities to learn more about data protection or privacy law, especially on a practical level, in a school setting.

As the experience of past editions of the programme has shown, the initiatives taken by schools serve the school community in many areas.

By participating in the programme, headmasters, teachers and administrative staff increase their knowledge on how to process personal data correctly, effectively counteract data protection breaches and better identify risks associated with those tasks in the educational institution that involve the processing of personal data.

For the students, in turn, the programme helps to acquire knowledge and, by extension, skills that will make it easier for them to function not only in the school community, but also in the local environment and, in the future, professionally.

In addition, a lot of interesting information, e.g. about the GDPR, can also be obtained by parents thanks to the programme, which contributes to raising their awareness of the implementation of the school's obligations in relation to the processing of data subjects' data.


We invite you to participate in the programme!

For more information on the course of the programme and the rules of participation, please refer to the programme rules (in Polish).


Patrons and partners

The programme is implemented under the honorary patronage of the Minister of

Education and Science and the Ombudsman for Children.


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