Summer Academy for Personal Data Protection

The Personal Data Protection Office is organising a series of online meetings with the representatives of the UODO as well as the leaders of the educational programme "Your data - Your concern". The initiative is directed to students of classes VII and VIII of primary schools and students of secondary schools.

Every day, from 22nd  to 26th  August 2022, from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m., young people will be able to, among other things:

  • learn more about the mechanisms of the digital art of manipulation, the so-called dark patterns;
  • learn about the principles of personal data protection and the possible consequences of privacy breaches;
  • learn about the use of biometric data as an invasive method of verifying access to devices;
  • learn practical ways to anonymise photos, remove location data and other methods to foster privacy protection with free IT tools.

The initiative is organised with the aim of helping young people to develop informed and responsible attitudes in order to use the Internet safely, by spreading knowledge of the principles of handling personal data in the world of new technologies. The initiative also serves to emphasise the role of the value of personal data protection in the everyone’s lives – the representatives of the younger generation in particular.

In addition, the webinars provide an opportunity to familiarise young people with the aims of the nationwide educational programme "Your data - Your concern" and encourage them to participate in it in the new school year, in the upcoming 13th edition.

Participation in the webinars is free of charge.

Schedule of the meetings:

    22.08.2022 - "Dark patterns, or how they fish on the Web"

    23.08.2022 - "Can personal data be in colour? That is a coloured element on a black and white background"

    24.08.2022 - "DODO Agency - a mythological intervention"

    25.08.2022 - "How to protect your privacy in photos?"

    26.08.2022 - "Biometric data - security or risk?"

You are cordially invited!


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